About Us

A family owned and operated contractor since 1965

Kilian Fire Sprinkler Corporation employs experienced, competent personnel from our in-house system designers to our project foreman.

Our field installation personnel have completed a five year apprenticeship program including both classroom and field instruction insuring the highest quality of service for our customers.

Kilian Fire Sprinkler Corporation will provide you with expert service in:
  • New installations
  • Tenant improvement
  • Underground fire mains
  • Fire pumps
  • System analysis
  • System upgrading
  • In-rack fire sprinklers
  • Service and maintenance
  • 5-year (Title 19) inspections
We are fully licensed, insured, and bondable by an 'A' rated "treasury listed" bonding company.

Fast Service & Competitive Rates

For your fire protection needs, please contact us at:
(562) 694-2107 or (714)871-8283